Bumper Cars

Bumper cars have been around for decades, but they’ve never been as fun as they are at Epic Fun! Kids and adults of all ages will get a kick out of getting behind the wheel of one of Epic Fun’s bumper cars. Strategize with your friends prior to getting behind the wheel so you can team up against your parents or favorite teacher. Put the pedal to the metal and try to avoid the bumps of your fellow rider’s cars. Each time someone bumps into you, your car will be sent into a 3-second spin that catches you off guard and adds to the fun and excitement. When the three seconds are up, you may find yourself face-to-face with another driver who is ready to send you spinning once again! Kids love the heart racing, challenging adventures they face behind the wheel of a bumper car.

Parents shouldn’t worry about their kids being injured while playing in our bumper cars. Our cars are designed with our guests’ safety in mind, so even small children can enjoy this activity. The impact is soft, kids are protected by cushy padding and secure seatbelts, and our staff will be on-hand to monitor your guests as they collide with each other.

Epic Fun Offers MAJOR Indoor Fun for Kids

Our bumper cars are only part of the indoor fun for kids at Epic. We also offer one of the biggest laser tag arenas in Austin, an incredible 3-story playground, mini bowling, climbing towers, a ropes course, and a full arcade. You’re going to forget what “bored” feels like.

What are you waiting for? Head to the bumper cars to start the fun! Honk Honk, Beep Beep!

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