Laser Tag is here!

Suit up in a vest and grab your laser to start a laser tag adventure with your friends and family! Our custom-designed, Avatar-themed laser tag arena is one of the largest in Texas, and measures over 3,900 square feet, featuring a second-story mezzanine. With so much space, it’s even more fun to run, hide, and chase down other players! Kids of all ages will get sucked into this challenging yet entertaining game that allows them to escape to a fantasy world of fun. Once time runs out, players will get a chance to see how their performance stacked up against the other players. Of all the attractions for families that we feature at Epic Fun, this one is the biggest and the newest.

To make your guest experience more enjoyable, we’ve sought out the best equipment on the market. Our 24 vests are packed with LED lights so players can see each other once the game begins. Each vest has six sensor targets, so watch your back—and your front!

Laser Tag isn’t just for kids!

Our vests are adjustable to fit both kids and adults, so everyone is invited to take part in the action! And laser tag isn’t just an attraction for families - it’s the perfect way to unwind at your corporate event or bring your grown-up friends together after a couple of beers in the cafe.

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