Mini Bowling

Why go to a bowling alley when you can go to Epic Fun? Regular bowling can be challenging for some kids but mini bowling is designed to be fun for kids of all ages. Good things often come in small packages! Epic Fun has four mini bowling lanes available in which you can wear your street shoes. Each lane is slightly shorter than the lanes you find at a traditional bowling alley. This is what makes it so much fun for kids! No longer do they have to struggle with the large ball and the disappointment of not getting it to the pins. Even if someone has never picked up a bowling ball, they’ll enjoy themselves on Epic Fun’s mini bowling lanes! Plus, the smaller sized ball is much safer for kids than traditional sized bowling balls, so parents and chaperones won’t have to worry about kids picking up more than they carry.

Both kids and adults will gain valuable skills from their mini bowling experience. Kids will learn how to approach the lane from different angles to knock over the pins, and guests of all ages will learn how to work together to score more points by knocking out the pins—and their competition!

Looking for a little privacy? Our mini bowling area also features an elevated deck that can be reserved for private parties. This is a great place to unwind and relax!

Ready to get the party started? Grab a bowling ball and let the good times roll!

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