Climb, slide, and wind your way through three stories of indoor playground FUN at Epic Fun. Shoot our soft ball-pit style balls with our air-blasters, swirl around our three-story tube slide, or scramble and crawl to chase friends. Our indoor playground is soft, safe, and netted for optimum protection from hazard, while still offering visibility for parents.

What makes our indoor playground so special?

Although the weather is often beautiful in Austin, our indoor playground is the perfect option for those days when going to the park is impeded by rain or cold weather (or extreme heat, hello?!)

It’s also a great option to keep your little ones busy and wrangled while you work from home or catch up with friends. If you have an infant with you, or if you’re unable to crawl and chase your child around, you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine in our lounge while being able to see and monitor your child.

Because our indoor playground is SO large and offers so many different interactive levels and features, your child can stay busy for hours while you work, relax, or play along.

Because Epic Fun values physical activity and gross motor opportunities for children so much, we designed our facility to encourage movement and energy-blasting for your little one. Our indoor playground is one of many physically-engaging and challenging attractions for kids of all ages.

Note: The indoor playground requires socks. If you forget socks, you can purchase a pair at the front desk!

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