Elevated Ropes Course

See Epic Fun from a whole new angle on our elevated ropes course! Our staff will ensure each child is properly strapped in for ultimate safety, so you don’t have to worry about their well-being while towering above Epic Fun. Either grab a harness and join them on the course, or watch from the ground as they carefully walk across bridges, swing from ropes, and navigate around obstacles.

The ropes course is a great way for kids to burn off energy, fine tune their motor skills, and have fun with their friends. Kids and adults who are afraid of heights will have the unique opportunity to face their fears head-on while also having fun on the ropes - the ropes course really is fun for all ages. This is a great team-building activity for corporate events as well. It encourages onlookers to support and cheer on their friends and co-workers while others work together to complete the course.

From the ropes course, kids and adults will have a birds eye view of the arcade room, rock climbing towers and bumper cars - plus a chance to wave at mom & dad. At Epic Fun, your next adventure is always waiting right around the corner!

Epic is Fun for All Ages

The elevated ropes course is one example of how the attractions at Epic Fun aren’t just for kids! If you’re looking for a date night, a fun place to hang with your group and have a beer, or a chance to challenge your group to something different, Epic is perfect. To go with these EPIC attractions, we also have free Wi-Fi, beer and wine, and a sweet lounge to hang out in.

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