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Some Birthday Party Places Just Don’t Cater to Mom & Dad

Parents, of all the birthday party places in Austin, we know the stress of hosting a child’s birthday party at home. The countless hours of planning, coordinating and executing that goes into getting the right theme, sending invitations, accommodating all of the different dietary needs of guests, decorating, cooking, entertaining and...CLEAN UP! (How did a piece of cake get into our ensuite bathtub?!). When it’s all said and done, your child had a blast because she got to spend time with friends, eat cake and open presents, meanwhile you somehow missed her blowing out the candles, were stressed out the entire week of and barely got to see her on her special day. You don’t have to do it alone!

Take the stress out of planning for your child’s next birthday party by hosting it at Epic Fun! We will make your child a VIP for the day! We will choose the perfect event space for your party size, provide the food and drinks and entertain the special guest of honor and their friends! Leaving you to kickback with a glass of wine or a mimosa and relax or hop in on the fun with our parent-friendly attractions.

Call our event coordinator to schedule your next birthday party at Epic Fun. You can customize the event by choosing the food and drink options, selecting the decor/theme and picking which attractions you want your guests to enjoy on the big day. Then, your job is done—all you need to do is show up and enjoy!

What to Expect During an Epic Fun Birthday Party

Upon arrival at Epic Fun, you will be greeted by a party host who will remain with you and your guests throughout the duration of the event. While you wait for all the guests to arrive, the party host will entertain your child and friends in the party room. From there, the birthday child and their friends will be lead through the facility to enjoy the VIP benefits of our attractions. Our staff will ensure your guests are safe as they run, climb and play to their hearts’ desire!!

When it’s time to cool down, the party host will bring your guests back to the party room for food, cake, and more fun. This is a great time to open presents, sing “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor and take photos to document this special day.

It doesn’t matter what gifts you buy your child this year—when you choose one of Austin’s best birthday party places, the best gift he or she will receive will be the Epic Memories they make at their Epic Fun Party!

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