Round up your kid’s sports team, club, church group, or community outreach program and bring them to Epic Fun for a night of… well, Epic Fun!

There’s nothing quite like a sleepover to bring kids closer together. But, it can be difficult for schools, churches, community groups, and sports teams to find parents who are willing to host a sleepover with dozens of kids at their home. The search for the right event space Austin kids will love—bring them to Epic Fun for an overnight party they’ll never forget!

Host Your Overnight Party at the Best Event Space in Austin

Epic Fun is the event space Austin locals flock to during the day, so why let the Epic Fun end just because the sun went down? Plan an overnight party with us and the kids in your group will have exclusive access to our Epic Attractions all night long! What kid wouldn’t want to play laser tag, spend a night in the arcade, or challenge a buddy to do the ropes course after hours? Once kids wear themselves out, they can catch a few Z’s in one of our party rooms until they’re ready to play again.

It can be challenging to keep an eye on dozens of kids at once, but don’t let this stop you from arranging an overnight party at Epic Fun. Our staff will be on hand to assist the adults in your group ensuring everyone is safe and having the time of their lives!

How to Plan an Overnight Party at Epic Fun

To schedule an overnight party, contact our event coordinator today.  We will help you:

  • Book a date to rent Epic Fun for an overnight party
  • Decide which attractions you want your kids to enjoy during the party
  • Pick food and drink options for the kids
  • Provide any special requests, including food allergies, dietary restrictions, or accommodations for special needs children

It’s that simple! One brief conversation with our party coordinator, and you’ll be ready to host an evening of fun and excitement with a little help from Epic Fun!

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